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Social Media Posting Strategy For Restaurants (Facebook)

Social Media Posting Strategy For Restaurants (Facebook)

Facebook and Twitter are hyper fast ways to help online businesses keep their customers or site visitors in touch with everything that’s going on with their brand. Most businesses don’t have time or resources to hire someone to blog, so the only way potential customers have to know the latest information, would be email newsletter or social media. Here I will go over the posting strategy of one of our clients for you to see.

Types of post content:

Featured Food Photo

Food porn pics are always a hit, but be careful if it doesn’t look appetizing it could be disastrous. This post came after our pickled veggies post and continues to tell a story.

Featured Drink Photo

Drinks typically have the best margins in a bar. Promoting existing drinks as well as new specials can lead in to other types of revenue.

Special Event Promotions

Getting the word out on an event is easier than ever with a quick share, friends of friends can be made aware at an instant.

Weekly Special

Weekly specials are important for a restaurant to offer new things and to gauge how customers feel about it. This is just a simple text menu with the weekly offerings.

Relevant Facts about the restaurant or food

Telling a story about your restaurant is important. Explaining the logic and rationale behind certain ingredients or just telling a story helps make a connection with your customers.

Highlight Employees

Making a personal connection with the customer is an important part of social media and can be the most difficult. Meeting the staff online can be a great way to bridge that gap.

Highlight Fans and Customers

Content for promoting fans can be pulled from one of the many social media platforms. Instagram is a great example and you can search through all the photos people have tagged in your location.

Food or Cooking Pro Tips

Sharing a few pro tips is always a big winner for social media. Anytime that you can share and demonstrate your expertise, you are positioning yourself as an authority in your industry.

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