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9 Easy Sources For Creating Inbound Marketing Content

9 Easy Sources For Creating Inbound Marketing Content

You probably read a ton of blog posts every week and often think to yourself, “where do they come up with all of these great content ideas?” Great content is the king of online marketing these days, and without it you are going to be left behind. But you already knew that right? So how do you come up with this great content that will put you on the top? More importantly, how do you easily and consistently come up with great inbound marketing content? Use these awesome inbound marketing content sources to help you create great marketing content that drives sales and conversions while reducing the costs of customer service and customer acquisition.

Utilizing Current Blog Posts As An Inbound Marketing Content Source

If you are reading this, you probably already have a decent selection of content already created on your blog. Once this is published it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to use this content as a source for creating new content. We have two simple methods of how you can use your current content as a source to generate more marketing content for your website.

Create a Series Of Blog Posts

Go through your analytics and see which pages are either gaining you the most traffic or that have the best conversion rates for your company. Take this top performing content and analyze it for ways that you can expand this content. You are essentially looking for ways that you can take this already good content and make it more in depth or more useful for your readers and customers. You can then publish these additional posts to further demonstrate and prove your expertise in the industry or niche.

Convert Posts Into Lead Generation Content

Think that writing ebooks or whitepapers is beyond your capabilities? Think again! If you can create a few blog posts, you can certainly create an ebook, white paper, presentation, or other forms of great lead generation content. Take the same concept as before (expand upon your current blog posts, but this time do it with more privileged information) and create some great content that you can convert into lead generation content. Set up a new landing page, create a signup form to download your free content, and start building your list of leads!

Understanding The Consumer Purchasing Cycle For An Inbound Marketing Content Source

5 stages of the consumer buying cycle
Knowing how to target customers in the purchasing cycle can be invaluable for your company’s marketing. You can use this information to create custom posts targeted specifically at people who are in the buying cycle for your product. For instance, you can target people who are in the research phase of the purchasing cycle by creating articles that show off the benefits and limitations of your product or service. They in turn will use your site’s information for the research phase and will likely look for more content from you that assists them through their purchasing cycle.

Using Your Sales Team As An Inbound Marketing Content Source

Gather Inbound Marketing Content from your Sales Team
Your sales team is probably one of the best content generation resources that most companies fail to tap into. Your sales team is at the forefront of your business and they get to constantly interact with customers who are in the buying cycle. They have invaluable insights into what customers actually want. One simple trick that we use is to ask our sales team to give us any questions that they hear customers frequently ask. We can then take these questions that customers are asking, understand why they are asking, and then we create content that answers these specific questions for our clients. If one person is asking it, there are probably 100 more that are thinking the same thing. We capitalize on this and so can you.

Using Industry Trends As An Inbound Marketing Content Source

If you are paying attention to changes in your industry or if you are the one making changes in your industry, this content is low lying fruit on the tree and is easy to grab. Take this information and inform your readers and customers about the latest and greatest. You will attract not only customers, but you will also attract a lot of other people from your industry, helping you create more authority and attract business partners.

Instructing Your Clients Or Customers As An Inbound Marketing Content Source

If you know how to do something and you can teach others how to do the same, you can create a phenomenal resource for your customers or for others in the industry (depending on what your marketing goals and approaches are). Creating how to posts or videos can drive some serious traffic to your site, especially if you have instructional content that no one else is currently providing. Think about the simple things that you do every day and teach others how to perform these tasks. Find ways to optimize the process of doing something and share a how to article with your readers and customers.

Using Q&A Sites As An Inbound Marketing Content Source

There are tons of variations of question and answer sites all over the web. Some of the more popular options being Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, niche forums, and many more. These sites can be amazing source of leads because you get to hear what real people are asking about your industry. It is refreshing (and sometimes very frustrating) to see questions that industry noobs will ask, but they can be a great way for you to find questions that you can answer with blog posts. This content will help attract customers in the buying cycle, which should be part of every company’s blogging strategy to attract leads. Answer the questions how you see fit, create the article and possibly reference it (if its not spamming) on the original question(s) from the Q&A sites to generate some targeted traffic.

Conducting Interviews As An Inbound Marketing Content Source

Conduct interviews as an inbound marketing content source
Interviews may sound like something that you don’t have time for, but honestly, they can be a lot quicker than writing your own blog post. Either think about a handful of people that you can (realistically) interview or think about the type of people that you want to interview. If you know the specific people you want to interview, reach and see if you can get an interview before you worry about finalizing your question list. This will save you time when you inevitably have to go back and customize the questions for the person you are interviewing.

Attract Guest Bloggers As An Inbound Marketing Content Source

Who says you have to make all the content yourself? You could set up a simple page on your site informing people that you are looking for and accepting guest posts. You will need to make sure that you have an author plugin set up or that you have a system for crediting the author on your blog posts. You can then optimize this page for search so that guest bloggers can more easily find you. It is also probably recommended that you features links on your site pointing to this page.

Creating And Sharing Templates As An Inbound Marketing Content Source

Creating and sharing templates probably sounds like a daunting task to most people, truth is, its probably a lot easier then you think. If you have ever had to do something at work (let’s hope you have), you have gone through a process to do it. You can take this process and convert it into a template for others to follow. The template could be as simple as a checklist for doing something, or it could be something more complicated like a spreadsheet with charts and custom equations. Creating resources like this are a great way to create some solid link bait to attract links from other blogs and websites.

This article was written for you by Chris Steurer, a freelance marketing consultant and designer for small and medium sized businesses. You can follow me on Twitter or circle me on Google+ to say hi and stay connected.

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