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Photoshop Tools: Color Selection Anywhere

Photoshop Tools: Color Selection Anywhere

Every now and then someone comes up with a tool that really just makes your life so much easier. This seems to have happened again, at least for us designers. Color picking can be a slightly tedious process, especially when you have to sample colors from an array of images. I am here to tell you that those days are over, we now have the solution available.

Most of the time when we want to sample a color we will take a screenshot, drop the image into our photoshop file, and sample the color with the color picker. The other option is using hex codes with another app or online service, this is a little bit easier but it still requires lots of clicks to copy and paste the code into Photoshop. This isn’t anything terribly difficult to do, but when you find yourself doing it over and over again you realize that it can actually be quite a time sucker. So how to we fix this madness?

The solution has a name, and that name is Frank DeLoupe. This handy little mac app lets you set a keyboard shortcut so that you can select a color from anywhere on your Mac’s screen and it will be your foreground (or background with an additional keystroke) color inside of Photoshop. No copy and pasting hex codes. No importing images. No screenshots. None of that is needed with this handy Photoshop tool. Just hit your keyboard shortcut to pull up the color picker, select your color, and get back to Photoshop. It’s really that easy!

Frank DeLoupe Color Picker App For Mac

Although the app is not free, it is extremely cheap. At only $0.99, its a purchase worth making. Try it out and let us know what you think. Do you have any other tools that you think work better? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

This article was written for you by Chris Steurer, a freelance marketing consultant and designer for small and medium sized businesses. You can follow me on Twitter or circle me on Google+ to say hi and stay connected.

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