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Recovering A Stolen Laptop With Find My Mac

Recovering A Stolen Laptop With Find My Mac

Disclaimer: we advise that you do not attempt to do what our president did, this article is meant for informational purposes only. We are not responsible for anything that may happen to you if you attempt to repeat what has been done in this article.


It started off as a great day, Eric was out at a golfing event with a new client, the Illinois Restaurant Association, on a beautiful, sunny day. Things were going great, and our president, Eric Barker, wasn’t doing as bad as he thought he would with the old 7 iron all while handling web related emergencies for other clients on the go. The event wrapped up around 5, and he took off in his car to drop his friend off.

He quickly realized that his bag was missing out of the backseat of his car and that his papers and documents were thrown all over the floor in the back. His bag was wisely hidden under a blanket and a car seat, but this didn’t stop the thief. The car must have been unlocked, as there were no signs of forced entry. Along with papers and other personal items in his bag, he also had his beloved MacBook Air in the bag. For those of you who don’t know Eric, he is obsessive and possibly in love with his laptop.


6:00 P.M.

He drove back to west Chicago to file a police report about the incident. About 15 minutes later Eric remembers that he had linked his Find My Mac account to the laptop. Frustrated and inspired by the movie Taken, he sent the message “I will find you…” to the person who had his laptop.

Erics message to the thief

When your laptop is stolen, you have two options with Find My Mac: you can either remote lock the laptop or you can wipe it. Eric wasn’t ready to give up on his laptop that he loves so much, so he decided to remote lock the computer rather than wipe the computer so he could have a chance of finding it. “I had my computer locked so they had to use the guest account to login, then they put in a wifi password and boom: remote lock. I think it helped it was an Air and there isnt an easy way to reset the whole thing.”


7:00 P.M.

He arrives at the police station and files a report. 30 minutes later he receives a notification that his computer was found and the remote lock was put into place. After having no luck with the cops, he heads home to rest and clear his head for a bit.

Find My Mac Email Screen Shot


9:00 P.M.

He heads out to Calumet City to get his laptop back. Asking the cops to help him by knocking on the door and asking questions, the cops were hesitant to do much at all. So Eric, worried about losing all of his personal data that wasn’t in the cloud, takes things into his own hands and begins talking to the neighbors and people passing by. Without much luck, he is still sitting out in his car on the street, refusing to leave because he knows his laptop is within 50 feet of him.

Find My Mac Locator for iOS

3:00 A.M.

He sees a light come on in one of the houses. He rushes over and knocks at the door. A lady answers the door not knowing what he is talking about, so Eric leaves her with his business card in case she hears anything and heads home in defeat. About 10 minutes later he gets a phone call from that same lady saying that her father had purchased a laptop earlier that day.

Eric turns around and goes back to the house. It turns out that this guy had been approached earlier that day by someone who was leaving town and was trying to sell his laptop. He was easily convinced to drop the price down to $400 and quickly disappeared.

Eric kindly offered the man $400 as a reward for the laptop (much better than the $750 deductible he would have had to make to replace it) and was able to get his laptop back.

Eric reunited with his laptop


Laptop was stolen, used Find My Mac to regain his laptop and possibly his personal well-being, Apple users are crazy about their products.



This article was created by Chris Steurer, the Marketing Director at Blueprint Design Studio.

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