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Top Web Design Memes on the Internet

Top Web Design Memes on the Internet

Internet memes seem like a distraction and a waste of time. But are images that state the obvious and be overly blunt hurting or helping? It comes down to being yet another new form of expression, changing social behavior and how we interact with each other.


What are Internet Memes and Why You Should Care

An internet meme is a cultural phenomenon, spreading like a virus, traveling from one person to another swiftly until it takes on a life of its own. “Meme’ is pronounced as ‘meem’, which rhymes with ‘seem’ or ‘team’. Meme is a term coined by Richard Dawkins.

Internet memes are usually jokes, urban legends, viral videos, funny pictures or contagious music. Memes today hugely influence modern language and culture. They shape how the youth, and the whole internet user population for that matter, live their lives.

Marketing, advertising and promotions professionals embrace internet memes, because it’s inexpensive and trendy; plus its unique characteristic is to spread like a virus.

The Power of Internet Memes – 1stWebDesigner.com


The beginning of this year the job-themed meme titled, “what I really do,” went viral and was reproduced/readapted several times to accomodate the variety of  occupations from fans of the meme. Here are some related web design memes:


what people think I do what I really do web design meme


what people think I do what I really do web developer meme


We have put together a collection of as many web design memes we could find and wanted to compile them all to one place. If you have an idea for a new one you can use tools like Meme Generator, Zip Meme or Quick Meme and post it below or on Blueprint Designs’ Facebook Page.

If you are a fellow web design company, please feel free to use the images below on your Facebook page or other social media outlet to keep your vistors entertained.


Can't bear it web design meme


Internet Husband web programmer meme


Y U No web design meme


Web Design


Art student owl web designer meme


web developer walrus web developer meme


business cat meme web design


tech impaired duck web design meme


scumbag steve web design meme


computer cat I can has link juice meme


oh hai cat meme


cute spider web design meme


business cat web design meme


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