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1990’s Website Design: We’re ALL glad it’s over…

1990’s Website Design: We’re ALL glad it’s over…

Web design has come such a long way and there is absolutely no better way to prove this than to show some amazingly awful 1990’s web design.

There are hundreds of “what to do” guides on the web, so consider this a “what not to-do” guide to website design. You’ll be thanking us later…after you get done laughing. Check our favorite 1990’s web designs.

1. Space Jam

R. Kelly, Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny…recipe for great 90’s design!
Space- Jam

2. Who ISN’T in the market for Bengal Kittens?

I don’t know what’s better, the awesome hairstyle or the fact that all their cats are,”blessed before going to their new home.”
Bengal Kittens Website

3. It’s Tool Time!

It’s only fitting to have a 90’s style website for a 90’s tv show fan club.
90's web tool

4. You’ve got…a dated website

It’s ironic that this movie was about the new “internet” craze that was sweeping the nation!
Dated Website

5. Cool Awesome DJ Fun Times!

The days of not having fun are over, thanks to this guy. I feel my booty shaking already!
Professional House and Trance DJ Website

6. Lost World

We’re lucky that carnivorous dinosaurs are extinct, but even luckier that so is this web design.
Dinosaur Lost World Website

7. The Dr. is in!

We’re still weighing out what’s worse, the band or their website?
The Dr. Is in Website

8. The Land of Wonders

I assume there is a French grandmother behind this website design.
Wonder Website

9. Pulling tool

This is “a company in the business of innovation.” I don’t know if I agree.
Earth Odyssey pulling tool website LLC


Saving the best for last…Bill and Ted’s Excellent Online Adventure. I’m almost at a loss for words. This website is so not bogus, dudes.
Excellent Online Adventure website

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