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How You Should Use Instagram

How You Should Use Instagram
Facebook purchases Instagram:

Not surprisingly, the news of the week was the recent $1 billion dollar Facebook purchase of everyone’s favorite photo app, Instagram. I guess when you’re Facebook, deciding to purchase an app company for a billion dollars is as difficult a decision to make as it is for me to buy a 99 cent cup of bad coffee each morning. Since the purchase, Instagram has skyrocketed and become #1 in the iOS App Store.

It seems that everybody has an opinion about the purchase, some love it, some think it’s the sign of the apocalypse. Both Facebook and Instagram have stated that they are going to grow the app company independently of each other while using Facebook’s team and facilities to load up the programming end of things which would only help Instagram live up to their full potential. Imagine making paper airplanes and then having Boeing essentially give you access to their engineers. You can guarantee that the paper plane game is going to be taken to another level. In this case, LEVELS. Levels that were never imagined by any of the ten (newly wealthy) employees that were running Instagram.

Instagram API

We recently re-launched our new website and our team, who are all Instagram addicts, wanted a way to incorporate some aspect of Instagram to the new site. Enter Instagram API. The API provides access to user authentication, friend connections, photos and all the other elements of the iPhone app. Essentially, you can add Instagram functionality to your website or blog. So we married Instagram with Google Maps functionality for some fun on our site.

We were busy moving into a new office, ramping up our team, buying new office equipment and the whole time we were carting around our mascot, Goose. Sales calls, office space scouting trips and even the Apple store; it didn’t matter, Goose was with us. It was funny seeing people’s reaction to Goose hanging around, so we started snapping pictures.

Instagram Application

Goose hanging out with Tommy Hawk!

Other sites utilizing Instagram API

There are a lot of sites that do a really great job of using Instagram API in various capacities. Here are some of our favorites:

View and manage your pictures

Instagram Application

Instagrid: “we publish a nice gallery so you can view and share your photos on the web. You can even invite people who don’t use Instagram to subscribe to your feed via email.”

Print your pictures

Print our picture Application

Postagram: Send postcards using photos from Instagram, Facebook or your phone with Postagram for iPhone and Android.”

Location based pictures

Location based pictures Application

Cartagram: This is a really fun site, it shows you popular photos on an interactive map of the world.”

Pick a picture


InstawarInstawar operates as a tournament-style competition, a photo browser, and a unique image production tool. Photos are randomly paired and you choose the better ones as you browse.
In conclusion

Facebook is supposed to be keeping Instagram as an independent product, so as long as they don’t kill access to the Instagram API there will never be a shortage of websites creatively utilizing it. Humans are visual creatures that crave pretty, colorful, creative images and Instagram plays perfectly into this. So if you’re thinking of adding a worthwhile, interactive and visually enticing feature to what you already have going on, Instagram is a great option.

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