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Single Page Web Design & One Page Website: An Explanation

Single Page Web Design & One Page Website: An Explanation

We have shrinking attention spans, we have to accomodate

In a fast paced age when everyone wants everything as quickly as possible, we can now see that this age has extended it’s reach to the internet.  With so many websites that are content-heavy, CMS-driven, and loaded with as much information as possible, it can become tedious going through all the pages and load times.  Enter Single Page Web Design. Aside from the benefits of being more user friendly, it is much easier to browse a single page website, obtain as much information as you need, and not have to reload or refresh a page.

It is all about the vertical reading pattern

Creating websites that serve your needs while being visually appealing is always important.  The look and feel of your site is dependent on how you would like the site to flow.  With navigation bars, multiple pages, content entry, and page design, knowing about one page web design in general is always important, even if you are going to use the fast growing style of this web design trend.  There are also several platforms that you can use to build your site.  Content Management Systems are drastically increasing in use and CMS’ such as WordPress are used by more than 15% of websites.

How will a one page web design help me?

With just one page to scroll, you have the opportunity to use images, designs, and your content to break content in to easy to digest sections to read and understand as you scroll down the page. By implementing this layout, you give the user the ability to navigate your entire site and experience your products and concepts in the order that you would like them to see things. The appropriate action can also be taken at any desired point.

Some amazing collections of one page sites including our own!

The examples in this blog make excellent use of things like sliders and auto-scroll scripts, among other tools, to display content in a way that improves user experience.  Below are some examples of sites we have created ourselves as well as others we like.  Browse through and get a better feel of the user experience.

Here is one we have just completed Bel50.com. Below is the single page design with the responsive mobile design next to it.



OnePageLove.com's website homepage





websitesthatwork.com's homepage



analog's single page web design homepage



Naldz Graphics single page web design








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