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Misleading Menus

Misleading Menus

Menus are advertisements.  Effectively designed menus “sell” food for their restaurants in many different ways. (you can read further on this in one of our previous blog posts What Makes a Restaurant Menu Design Effective?)  As we all know however, ads can be misleading. Advertisers will use all sorts of tricks to persuade someone to buy, sneaking in strategically ambiguous words, which have multiple or vague meanings.  Some examples would be phrases like “affordable housing”  “decent income” or “large city” which, depending on who you are, is all relative.  Another little trick is sneaking in euphemisms, which is when you replace a common sounding word with a better sounding word; such as calling the bathroom a “powder room” or extra large sizes “women’s sizes.”  This is the area in which it seems some restaurants pull out all the stops, using  vague phrases such as “world famous” “Garden Fresh” and “Homemade”  An article from the Tribune dining staff discusses all of these overused phases and more. Read this article then let us know of any more annoying menu phrases that you think should be banned.

9 Phrases to Ban From Restaurant Menus

Menus are not the only place with ambiguous phrases, restaurants put them in taglines and logos too! Here are a few examples:


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