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Web 2.0: Making the Web a Beautiful Place

Web 2.0: Making the Web a Beautiful Place

The phrase Web 2.0 can mean several different things. I’ve heard many different descriptions ranging from, “using the web as a platform” to “anything that’s cool and on the web right now!” I would say that It is an internet era that gave birth to a design style. As you would imagine, most of the web 2.0 applications are designed using web 2.0 style. Simple layouts, reflecting floors, glossy text, and gradients are common characteristics.

There is a lot of hype, both positive and negative, surrounding the whole web 2.0 era and style.  Haters might pull out the argument that all Web 2.0 sites look the same, and that the style is becoming something of a default rather than evoking originality and creativity.  I’ll be honest, I could live the rest of my life without seeing another glossed over starburst with a poorly applied gradient, and be perfectly content.  However, there is no denying that websites designed in a Web 2.0 style are user friendly and effective.  The cleanliness and simplicity of Web 2.0 sites result in effective navigation and allows users to find exactly what they need. The simple anotomy of Web 2.0 sites are conducive with the F Shape reading pattern of the users. Take a look at the examples below. All of the sites follow the basic anatomy of a web page, and F Shape reading pattern. (Which you can further read about in our previous blog posts)




Bottom line is, Web 2.0 isn’t about following a design trend or copying popular sites. Web 2.0 is about pushing yourself or your company to make the most beautiful and effective websites possible.  The benefits of designing a Web 2.0 site have been studied and proven to be the best and most advantageous way of designing a site.  Unfortunatly, too often you will hear nightmarish stories of design firms that crank out 90’s style websites for their clients just for the sake of giving them a web presence. Thus producing one too many nasty looking sites that no one wants to visit.

It is for this very reason that Blueprint, and other companies like us, do what we do. We care about making the world wide web a better and more beautiful place.

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