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Burger King serves Adult Content?

Burger King serves Adult Content?

Is Burger King’s new ad for their “Super seven incher” a  risky business decision or just another step down from their creepy “king” mascot ads? While linking sex with food is not exactly a ground-breaking  technique in the advertising industry these days, this is no subtle sexual innuendo.   Albeit Quiznos has their “toasty torpedo” commercials and even McDonalds has a commercial or two that imply subtle sexual connotation. However, both have been able to maintain a somewhat  “classy” (for a fast-food restaurant) and “family friendly” image.  BK can throw those dreams out the window, if they ever had them in the first place. Let’s just say I won’t be taking my baby sister out for a seven incher from BK anytime soon!


At first glance of the ad I immediately thought “great design aesthetics with shocking and cheap humor.” Upon further analysis, you begin to think “what a revolting way to advertise an already nasty looking sandwich!”  Aside from the obvious controversial content, there are a couple initial problems with the ad.  First of all, who is the target audience? You really never know these days, but I highly doubt anyone, male or female will want to sink their teeth into a sandwich (complete with mayonnaise)  displayed as a phallic symbol.  Which brings me to the next problem – it doesn’t make you hungry for food! (or sex for that matter)


One things certain, the ad has caught the public’s attention and has gotten people to talk about Burger King.  The image is already circulating flickr and twitter.  Which brings us full circle to the initial question: Is this BK ad a risky business move that could potentially result in success?  Or does it spell out doom and destruction to BK’s failing advertising campaign by crossing the line in an already vulgar society? Let us know what you think!



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