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10 web design company marketing strategies

10 web design company marketing strategies

As web design companies get more and more aggressive with their marketing strategies we see a repetitive cycle of methods. Listed here is some of the many ways of gaining more business and exposure for your web design company. Please feel free to add your own methods or success/failure stories in the comments.


1. Billboards – These are a great way to saturate a large area and grab a lot of attention in a short amount of time. Though, you are limited to marketing your company locally.


Radio jingles or ads is way to attract more of a targeted audience
2. Radio – Radio jingles or ads is way to attract more of a targeted audience. Radio stations can provide you with a report of demographics for their audience. This can be used to target your ads to listeners in different groups.


Using Seo to optimized website
3. Seo – Blast your city by optimizing for “(yourcityname) web design” or optimize for “web design company,” “web designer,” “web design.”


4. Door to door – This has been coming up a lot lately. Many of our clients with store fronts have repeatedly been approached by salesman in their store attempting to sell them a web site.


Picking up the phone book and dialing away
5. Cold calling – Picking up the phone book and dialing away. Get those scripts ready.


Paid SEO
6. Google Ad-Words – Paid for search results on Google. “XXXXXX web design” fill in the industry specific blank for key words. Warning: Can get expensive.


send mails directly
7. Direct Mail – Pick an area, city, industry, income group, demographic and send those mailers.


Business magazine
8. Print Ads – 2 x 3 to full page go for a business magazine or small business resource magazine.


9. Social Media – Oh so much you can do with this. Do even know where to start.


do great wOrkk
10. Do Great Work – Otherwise known as referrals or word of mouth and let your work speak for it self.

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