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Cuil.com spams our site to clean Google rep?

Cuil.com spams our site to clean Google rep?

Going through and moderating our comments is a normal thing but recently we noticed something very unusual.

If you keep up with tech news you may remember sometime ago some ex employees of Google formed to start a new search engine to compete with Google called Cuil (pronounced “cool”). After some bad press a couple months following launch we haven’t heard much about them since. So we were moderating some of our comments the other day and stumbled upon 2 different ip address linking 4 times the term “new search engine” on our site going to “http://www.cuil.com/.” From what it looks to me is they hired someone to optimize for the term “new search engine.”

Screenshot below.


Why would they want to optimize for this you ask?

If you go to Google and search, “new search engine” what appeared before (and one article still remains in the #2 spot) was multiple blogs and articles that criticized and was pretty negative towards the new search engine.

So are the ex Googlers of cuil.com using their old employer to leverage the public image of their new site?

What do you think? Comment below.

Update: Cuil is hitting rock bottom

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