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Restaurants and Menu Design

Restaurants and Menu Design

As part of Sysco’s iCare program since 2006, we’ve been approached by various restaurant owners to devise new menu designs.

Sysco's iCare program for restaurant owners

At Blueprint, we consciously implement certain design principles that further promote and assist our clients in creating more revenue. Depending on their goals, I tend to place an emphasis on certain things. By working on designs for Augustino’s Rock and Roll Deli, Morgan’s, St. Andrew’s Inn, The Original Mitchell’s, Real Time Sports, and Howard Street Inn, I understand the importance of menu design. The other day, we stumbled upon a great article that confirms this. (Thanks, Stephanie)

From www.restaurant.org:
Reading Between the Lines: The Psychology of Menu Design
Does your menu attract or repel diners? Experts offer suggestions for effective design to help unlock your menu’s selling potential. By Beth Panitz Read More.

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