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WordPress 2.6 is released

WordPress 2.6 is released

WordPress Announced the release of version 2.6, which provides some new features that our clients have been interested in for a while:

  • Captions for images are now easy to add, and won’t be eaten by the visual editor
  • Wiki-like revisions for posts, allow you to change your content back to a previous version, and see who’s edited the page:

WordPress Announced 2.6 new version
Support for Google Gears makes the dashboard much faster. Also, I wrote this post from the new Press This! bookmarklet, that makes it easy to include pictures, quotes, videos, and links from other sites. Here’s a video explaining many of the new features:

It’s generally best practice to deactivate all plugins before upgrading, and although Matt claims that there are very few changes to the way existing plugins and themes work, I did run into some issues with the OpenID plugin, and Ozh’s excellent dropdown menu needs to be updated to expose some of the new features.

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