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3G iphone 2.0 t-mobile unlock for FREE. Available Now.

3G iphone 2.0 t-mobile unlock for FREE. Available Now.


The unlock is here skip to Update #2 for directions!

Ok so Apple just announced the new 3g iphone. Blah, blah new features, GPS, it’s faster, thicker (that’s what she said), and now replacing the 1.0 iphone. Yep thats right. Apple is no longer selling and manufacturing the 1st version of the iphone. Apple stated 1st gen iphone manufacturing stopped at 6 million. What does this mean right now? No iphones are for sale right now and the new version will be available July 11th.

This time around you will have to purchase and activate IN STORES only. I guess the whole in home activation thing got kind of nuts with the DIYers. I can only imagine how many of those 6 million phones are unlocked and being used overseas. I believe last time I heard AT&T only activated (correct me if I’m wrong) less than half of that number.

Well for all of you wondering if you will be able to unlock this new phone just as easily, the answer is most likely yes. When Apple released the SDK for the firmeware version 2.0 for the iphone the hacking began. Soon the news broke that 2.0 had been unlocked and relocked and unlocked again.

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Update: These guys @ http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ have released an app for win/mac that jailbreaks the 3g iphone as well as allows you to install unapproved apps on the iphone. The tool will jailbreak and unlock a 1st gen iphone with 2.0 installed. But for those of you with any other service you will have to wait just a little longer.

And if you really what to go crazy try this.

Update #2:

The iPhone 3G unlock is now available. The unlocking software is called yellowsn0w, runs as an invisible application, and it’s very easy to install. Here’s how. Now works for me with 0.9.4.

Yellowsn0w, the iPhone 3G unlock, runs as a small command line application that gets installed in any jailbroken iPhone 3G using Installer. It’s very easy to install:

• First, update your iPhone 3G to the latest iPhone OS provided by Apple using the latest iTunes.

• Then, use QuickPwn 2.2 to jailbreak and activate your iPhone 3G. If you have Mac OS X 10.5.6 installed, you should follow these instructions before doing it.

• Use Installer or Cydia to install yellowsn0w, which is completely free. Here are the addresses you have to use to add yellowsn0w to your installer application:

For Cydia enter: http://apt9.yellowsn0w.com/
For Installer enter: http://i.yellowsn0w.com/

• That’s it. There are some special SIM cards that give problems, but f you have a normal SIM card from any non-official carrier, you are fine.

Still need more help? Try here.


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