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Vulnerable Software and Vindictive Search Engines

Vulnerable Software and Vindictive Search Engines

Technorati, a blog search engine (as opposed to a search engine that indexes all websites), has started taking the easy way out. They’ve started removing websites whose WordPress software has not been upgraded to the latest version shows signs of being compromised.  For our clients, make sure you’ve upgraded to version 2.3.3.

Our clients sites should not be affected, regardless of their version, as long as they have not disabled any plugins. We use an in-house plugin that strips the version number, among other security-related enhancements. It’s based on the bs-wp-noversion plugin, from Blog Security.

I’m not suggesting that people shouldn’t upgrade. Upgrading is not only essential to the continued functioning of your website, in most cases, it’s also really easy.

What I am suggesting is that Technorati have proved themselves to be vindictive, in removing sites that contribute software (like WordPress), plugins, or themes, rather than improving their own algorithms. This is another case of them attempting to bully website owners into playing by their rules. We have an “add to technorati” button in our sidebar, but I still advocate breaking things off with Technorati. The more people use their site is the more that they’ll feel entitled to play the bully. h/t Dougal Gunters

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