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Reasons to Upgrade (or not) to WordPress 2.5

Reasons to Upgrade (or not) to WordPress 2.5

Who Should Upgrade?

People using wordpress primarily for blogging, who don’t use many plugins.  Also, people who like shiny new things, as the dashboard has been completely redesigned.

Who Should Not Upgrade?

People who use wordpress in conjunction with other software, like a forum, e-Commerce, etc. 2.5 introduces database changes that will affect a large number of plugins. Beyond that, 2.5 changes the way passwords are stored, so if you’re using any software that integrates tightly with wordpress (wp-united, vanilla, etc.), you’ll need to install a separate plugin to revert that change.

In general if you’re using a lot of plugins, you should be wary of upgrading.  Here’s the master list of plugins that do and don’t work.  Of the plugins that I’ve used thus far on test blogs, here are the ones that have had issues:

  • Event Calendar 3:  has issues with the new Write panel, but there is a fix.
  • TinyMCE Advanced: The second row is obscured, making it less usable
  • WPG2: DOA.  Version 3.1 is on its way, which will be compatible

If you’re using a plugin that’s listed as incompatible, DON’T UPGRADE.  There are large security enhancements, but no patched security flaws in the new version.  I’m still testing plugins, and most plugin authors are working steadily on fixes.  Just wait it out.

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