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Flash Animation for Video

Flash Animation for Video

I like to see the infiltration of the Flash vector aesthetic offline into video. See this Beck video by Mumbleboy and this Knife video (I’m not sure if it was made with Flash, but it could have been).

Here are a couple videos Jenny Schmid and I made using Flash (she has a fantastic flash website by the way).

Tips: It’s good to start in Flash by making your file 720×480 and 29.97 frames per second (that’s the frame rate of video). I usually just stick to 30fps (and 60fps for any Flash for the web).

Going from vector based to raster/video based can be rough on all those nice crisp vectors. I’ve tried many codecs but the best codec seems to be Animation or Uncompressed. Yes, it takes up a lot of room (about 1GB per minute), but I wouldn’t do it any other way – it keeps compression junk out. To go to Quicktime, go to File > Export > Export Movie, then choose Quicktime for Save as Type, go ahead and hit the Save button, click on Quicktime Settings, then under Video, click on Settings, and choose Animation.

After that, the video compresses well for DVD, or web video using H264 or whatever compression you’d like to use. Don’t forget to compress the sound too! If not, the audio actually ends up taking more bandwidth than the video. I usually use AAC, 128 for the web.

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