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Organizing Pages in WordPress

Organizing Pages in WordPress

WordPress can be a very straightforward CMS for many types of websites. Our website, like most of our clients’ sites, runs on WordPress exclusively. Writing and editing static content is pretty easy, but organizing your static content is a little less obvious. There are two parts to organizing pages: the Page Parent and the Page Order.

Page Parent

Page Parent Dropdown When you’re writing or editing a page, on the right hand side, you’ll see a box called “Page Parent”. You may need to click the plus sign to expand it. Inside there’s a dropdown with all of the pages in your site. It can get a little lengthy, if your site is like ours. The default is “Main Page (no parent)”, which means that the page will show up in your site’s main menu. Choosing another page as the parent will make your page a “Subpage” of that one. Then the page will only show up in a submenu of that item. If you have dropdown menus, the page will show up in the dropdown from the parent page.

Page Order

Below the Page Parent box, there’s another box called “Page Order”. Page order is used to control the order of the items in your menu. This works for either your Main Menu, or any submenu. Page Order Field

Page order won’t affect the order of pages in different submenus, or from Main Menu to submenu.

I typically order my pages in groups of ten. So on our site, for instance, my page order values look like this:

  • Web Design = 1
  • SEO = 11
  • Graphic Design = 21
  • Photography = 31
  • etc….

That way, if I make a new page that I want to put in between my existing pages, i can use a value of, say, 25.

Is there an easier way?

If you’re comfortable installing plugins, yes! The pageMash plugin adds a “Drag And Drop” interface for ordering pages. After installing the plugin, you can go to Manage > pageMash, and you’ll see all of your pages, where you can drag them up and down, or move them to be subpages. I’m using the 1.0.0 beta version of the plugin, which works better than the previous version, but still being improved. Here’s what the interface looks like:

Page Mash Management Page

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