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Upgrading WordPress the Easy Way

Upgrading WordPress the Easy Way

When you log in to godaddy, you’ll need to click on the Hosting Account List, in the left menu:

godaddy hosting center From there, you’ll open the control panel associated with your domain:

godaddy control host In your control panel, at the top right, look for the “Godaddy Hosting Connection” Link:

 Hosting Connection for Godaddy
In Hosting Connection, switch to the My Applications tab:

godaddy application in wordpress My Applications will list all of the software you’ve installed, including WordPress. Click on “Installation Details” for the WordPress installation you want to upgrade:

Godaddy Installation Details
At the very bottom of this page is the link to upgrade wordpress. Like Fantastico, this will automatically back up your database and your files, and keep the backups for a month, in case you need to go back to the previous version.

godaddy upgrade link builder
That should take care of your upgrade. Again, if you have any difficulty, please don’t hesitate to contact us to help you with the upgrade. Just as a sidenote, the relatively long number of steps to upgrade on Godaddy, relative to other hosts, is one of the many reasons we recommend Bluehost to all our customers.

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