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How to design a really bad web site.

How to design a really bad web site.

We always see tutorials online of webmasters giving people advise on “great” or “fabulous” web design. Well I believe the web is missing a good bad web design tutorial so here it goes.

Step 1 – Pick some cool photos online. Use a photo source like Google Images. Make sure the images are really pixelated.


Step 2 – Add your photo and text to a really bright colored background. (that hurts the eyes)

Step 3 – Upload to a free image hosting site like imageshack.
is Visual Taste Perception Coloring Your Appetite?

Step 4 – Take the URL and give it to all of your friends. (Hey I said it was a really bad web site)

Examples of other bad web sites:





Update: Check out this http://www.jimwestergren.com/worst-web-design-ever/

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